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Ancient ruins to modern skyscrapers, stark deserts to lush valleys, the lowest spot on earth to the towering Golan Heights. Visit the very places where the Bible's and history's most dramatic events took place. Walk in the very footsteps of those that molded our civilization.  See what their eyes saw, sense what they felt, eat what they ate, smell the same aromas and envision what they experienced.  Not just another trip - a life-changing experience.

Experience Israel like you've never experienced it before.  Over 4,000 years of history, your history, under your feet and through your eyes. Awesome Tour's single-day excursions will transport you through civilization's  greatest events - the very places in which they occurred. Many have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Starting with Abraham 4,800 years ago to events that took place just days ago and everything in between will be at your fingertips.

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